Fondazione per la Scuola della Compagnia di San Paolo Torino Italy Project Management Hybrid
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Company Description

Fondazione per la Scuola is one of the operating bodies of Compagnia di San Paolo Foundation. It coordinates, implements and funds research and interventions to improve schools’ level of inclusiveness and innovation. Its main goal is to increase school system's ability to support the development of students' cognitive and socio-emotional skills, regardless of their economic, social and cultural background. This objective is pursued by working with different partners, including universities and research institutions. Fondazione per la Scuola acts within the strategy defined by Compagnia di San Paolo, in direct collaboration with the other entities of the Group.


Fondazione per la Scuola is looking for a European Project Manager to coordinate a 3-year research project funded by Horizon Europe – Cluster 2: Culture, Creativity and Inclusive Society (HORIZON-CL2-2023-TRANSFORMATIONS-01-06). The person will manage the project and the relationship with the partners and the European Commission, by acting as ‘Consortium Project Coordinator’ and working closely with the ‘Scientific Project Coordinator’.

The project, called 'LINEup - Longitudinal data for INequalities in Education', aims to map and analyse Europe’s longitudinal data on students’ basic skills. Its objective is to assess how inequalities develop over time and better understand what kind of interventions can be implemented to improve students’ learning outcomes and reduce school’s dropout. The project is based on a mixed-methods approach, involves 12 partners from 6 countries (EL, ES, FR, IT, PT, DE), and it is coordinated by Fondazione per la Scuola.

LINEup is based on a comprehensive desk research aiming at collecting, accessing, analysing and summarizing existing data that allow assessing inequalities in education over time in 31 countries, and with a particular focus on Southern and Western Europe. Part of the activities aim to understand to what extent different databases can be made directly comparable and deliver a feasibility study that brings innovation to the research community interested in comparative longitudinal analysis.

A qualitative research in the countries of the project complements the mapping with the objective to gather primary data on the implementation process and impact of possible compensatory interventions. In line with the objectives of the call and findings of recent longitudinal studies, the focus is on better understanding what schools can do to keep their students engaged, meet their characteristics and needs, and reduce inequalities in the short, medium and long run. Particular attention will be dedicated to cooperating with national authorities of the participating countries to identify and access longitudinal data and other administrative sources, and to validate, communicate and disseminate the findings at both European and national/local level.

The project manager will be part of the Research Unit of Fondazione per la Scuola. He/she will coordinate the above-described project by managing all its aspect (e.g. organisational, administrative, financial and reporting) and, in agreement with the Head of the Research Unit, will contribute to monitoring European and national policies and programmes, also with the objective of drafting and proposing new research projects.


· Master in a sector relevant for this job offer.

· Minimum 4 years of professional experience in the management and, possibly, the coordination of projects funded at the European level (e.g. Horizon, Erasmus, etc.).

· Excellent spoken and written English (minimum level C1).

· Proven track record in the education sector.


· Ph.D.

· Knowledge of the European Union’s funding programmes in the field of education.

· Knowledge of the main instruments and techniques of the Project Cycle Management.

· Experience in drafting, managing and coordinating large international projects funded by Horizon.

· Expertise in using techniques to manage international working groups.

Personal characteristics

· Leadership, results oriented, and problem solving.

· Autonomy, flexibility, team working.

· Ability to prioritize tasks, time management, organisational skills.

· Excellent communication and writing skills.

Other information

How to apply

· Curriculum Vitae.

· Motivation Letter (2 pages max).

· Brief description of the two most important European projects managed in the past with information on their budget, length, partners and objectives (max 1.000 characters per project).

Please notice that the interview will be held in Italian and English.

Deadline 10/13/2023.

Job Offer

Fixed-term (research) contract (3 years), with possibility of indefinite contract following. Salary and level commensurate to the experience.